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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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protests across the u.s. attempts to shed light on the desperate hunger strike among one town and would detainees take on the widest go. cyprus is predicted to tumble down the path of greece as a very large price tag doubled in just two weeks spurred by an illicit flight of money despite the island's financial quarantine. the ta is splashing the cash aboard buying billions of dollars in egyptian government bonds and investing in europe's real estate and wants being seen as a bit of by international includes. and from a brand new space border from scratch to hold tells on the moon we tell you about russia's a space agenda as the country wants fifty two years and since you are big areas of freeze meant flying into the u.k. .
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it's three pm here in the russian capital you want seeing r t a live in with me to mom would say from east coast to west more than two dozen u.s. cities have been seen protest against america's infamous jail for terror attacks activism demanded the closure of guantanamo and tried to draw attention to the mess hunger strike against far reaching mistreatment the archies marina board and i is in new york where one of the rallies has been taking place. times square is considered one of the best places in the us to advertise a product or message or our brands and that is why civil rights attorneys human rights groups and many activists and protesters are out in the streets of times square right now to raise awareness about the hunger strike taking place at the guantanamo bay detention center and it is clearly garnering
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a lot of attention to what those are saying that have been turning out on the streets as they're calling on the obama didn't administration to immediately address the ongoing hunger strike that began in early february at the island's prison according to attorneys representing the detainees there they say more than a hundred men are participating in this hunger strike they say it began when when the detainees there say that the u.s. officials mishandled at their core and stirring up a cell search and not say what sparked this ongoing hunger strike according to a u.s. u.s. military officials they say only forty one men have been on a hunger strike and at least eleven are being force fed they say nobody's lives are in danger but that is not what lawyers are telling our take a listen i saw men who have dramatically lost weight the people that i met with had
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lost over thirty and forty pounds what they told me is about men who are too weak to come out of the prison they told me of men who are skeletal that's the word they used who are near death who are so weak they can't move they told me about pressure tactics right now within the camp by the authorities to try to break the strike things like withholding the delivery of clean drinking water these are people who have been refusing food for over sixty days they need water to survive or they will die and they talked about tactics like that withholding of bottled water to drink and being. forced to drink from the sinks in their cells which are attached to trial it's now this new york rally is part of a nationwide day of action to close guantanamo and end indefinite detention protests are also taking place in over twenty six cities including chicago l.a. and washington d.c. i think that anything to show mamma or the government is wrong and that people
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don't support it is a good thing and i don't think is a legitimate. vehicle for for for trying these people i mean because it is a problem last week organizations including the center for constitutional rights amnesty international and the united nations called on washington to immediately shut down the guantanamo detention center the u.n. secu minorites chief released a statement saying that america's failure to close the controversial prison and release detainees is a violation of international law currently there are one hundred sixty six prisoners being held at the island prison and at least eighty six have been cleared for release reporting from new york marina r.t. senator who's a lawyer for one of the guantanamo detainees and told us that attempts to get the
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u.s. government more involved in solving the crisis at the prison have got no way. it's interesting we wrote a letter to secretary gable. regarding hunger strike again our concern as lawyers about the health of the scene and we got a response from william lease out on secretary hagel which indicated to us that the. u.s. is going to do the main thing. we need to live and it seems that what they feel is humane is for someone you are not and the fact the international red cross also appears for. this could be a turning point for feed the men. you either take other measures to keep them alive then you have to at this point provide them the respect the process or respect their religion respect the qur'an verses talk to them about what it is that
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is going to end this strike keep them alive. has been keeping a close eye on the hunger strike at guantanamo since the day it began we've been gathering opinion from lawyers and human rights activists and they are lined up for you in the special section and our team dot com. right of urging default and rescuing cyprus is back on top of the easy to do list and is being tackled at the meeting of the blocks finance ministers in dublin the means grim though with revelations that nicosia will need to billions more than originally thought still partly under financial current team it's now up to the islands of oranges to come up with thirteen billion euros which is twice as much as it's just a few weeks ago officially the rise is a jew to delays in getting a bailout deal but there's speculation that billions a leaked out from shuttered banks are both illegally and through loopholes that may
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be the least of the ease worries in comparison to the president that's been said he has all teased herself here. it dominated headlines for much of two weeks a year reserve nation on the brink of bankruptcy the banks were closed cash rationed and capital controls put in place cyprus of those heavy losses which could rise to up to sixty percent on wealthier depositors in order to clinch a ten billion euro e.u. i.m.f. bailout last month it had however initially planned to would reduce a levy on deposits of less than one hundred thousand euros supposedly protected by state guarantees before backtracking in the face of widespread protests this has been a meeting of minds from protesters for the past few days it's just a few meters from parliament which is just over here but the bills are good voices did little to change the inevitable painful outcome for the country the general
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view being communicated from here in brussels is that the cyprus is unique and the measures imposed on the country as part of that bailout package will not be used as a template for other troubled eurozone nations but not everyone is convinced the president has been set up and unless you've been hiding under a rock if you're in a country like savina for example or any of the other one of those countries that might get into a crisis you know what repeat across is going to see what happened to cyprus and are going to pull their money and that cause a vicious circle in fact a new e.u. law is already being drawn up where first shareholders would take a hit if a bank fails and then possibly unprotected investments and deposits case in point is cyprus officials insist that the posits below one hundred thousand euros are sacred but a separate example has already assumed pseuds of fear i would be trying to single cent i have from europe because the president has been sent here to limit the good
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works and i'm afraid that this will happen in greece afraid not for my future but for my children's for. not known. but with you authorities we have it's absolutely possible but some argue that the final decision on cyprus may not have been all bad letting banks fail which by the way was fundamentally good decision if you have losses i think it's fair to the people of all the thousands who have opposed to their money who have gained a lot more than people who send their money to other banks in other places of europe. that these people who have taken the risk are also now taking the losses and after all that said and done some say what's more problematic is the inevitability of another cyprus debacle if the underlying problem of unsustainable public and trade deficits were not tackled at the core europe and america
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a bleeding to death and they're not doing anything about it they must go by so unless they turn around no sign they're going to then the dominoes march through for cypriots they now know all too well how hard it is when it's your dominoes turn to solve just our sylvia our t. brussels. fung years on from virtual bankruptcy in iceland is quickly becoming the northern hemisphere has come back the islands nation's banking sector collapses spectacularly in two thousand and eight with taxpayers and making it clear they weren't about to pick up the tab either preschool or novel looks at a way that leaves a country house for decade on. though not a member of the eurozone or the european union for years iceland was considered the most effective from the liberal free market economy in europe that was until its bankruptcy in two thousand and eight foreign debt spiked banks closed down and the
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national currency plummeted the wallbank european union and the international monetary fund also known as the troika demanded that iceland be up at the time it meant every citizen would have to pay one hundred euros per month for the next fifteen years to cover the debt of private bankers nationwide protests erupted sounds familiar except unlike in cyprus greece portugal and others these protests made iceland's president reject the troika's demands and the trio went while threatening isolation and sanctions even raising comparisons with cuba which rekick stood its ground at a nationwide referendum and around ninety percent voted not to be the debt in fact they went even further starting criminal investigations into why so much money was old even jailed some of the country's top bankers and while they were added ordinary citizens rewrote the constitution which now obliges the government to keep all work in the public eye unless it's a matter of national security of course now for more earlier i spoke to
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a professor of political science and one of the people who took part in the revision of. the european union was shouldn't. be icelandic state the icelandic taxpayers were responsible for that of private banks in the case to an international court now the after court found iceland was in the right she. was not responsible for this amount and refused to claim of the standard but it's hard initially forced about the current relations between iceland and the rest of europe are you guys still friends they claim that iceland basically be flushed down the toilet and would not be able to. sort of. equal in europe but that was paul's relationship if you want to. normalize. international investors are coming
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back to that country. thanks i've stabilized quite a lot the only thing to add here is sure there's lots of information on this story in blogs and social networks but you won't find it in mainstream media why perhaps to avoid giving ideas to anyone else under pressure alarm bells ring at the white house says the pentagon the ones north korea may have nuclear missiles. is now facing a new kid to tokyo if it carries out its warning to intercept a potential north korean missile test when we come back we hear about what's driving the standoff. campaign and game venezuela chooses president chavez choice runs against a free market poster boy parts well that is where the choose after coming down days
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death self-styled socialism or free market model venezuela votes fourteenth. oh this land was torn apart by conflict oh oh it's changed oh yeah modern islamic nation was. kind of peaceful like the stone islam the first cause was secular the second. session. in places. where at least tradition was still a mando cannot go on the catwalk in a swimsuit. just the republican country.
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thank. you watching our team is expecting its financial presence abroad buying up foreign asses with tens of billions of dollars struggling european and arab economies may welcome the investment but some experts question whether it's about good business building up global influence his belching on wake up as money is going. as egypt's president mohamed morsi is struggling to mend the egyptian economy it's on i can't tell one of the richest countries in the world has said that it will buy three billion dollars worth of gyptian government bonds much needed help at a critical time egypt is also suffering from a natural gas shortage at the moment causing blackouts across the capital the qatari foreign minister said last week that they would also consider becoming one of the major suppliers to egypt but sickly as they have the third largest natural gas resin reserves in the world as the battle rages in syria the qatari government
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is also saying they will support the rebels they have given one hundred million dollars to the notch then the syrian national coalition is saying they want the rebels to be armed however they extend that and their interests outside of egypt and the arab world building a global empire they have reportedly been invested in many countries including the u.k. the u.s. france singapore malaysia iraq just to name a few in dition qatar has been diversifying its areas of interest investing in many sectors including the media fashion petrochemicals and india and indeed financial institutions however the real push off for the super wealthy but tiny emirates appears to be front surprisingly they have a favored real estate in the french riviera as well as paris buying up several casinos now it is not just luxury property but they are investing in they have apparently a gifted three hundred million euro
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a fund to underdeveloped areas all fronts including in the tourist suburbs which house key french muslim communities this guitar officials say is all part of a global strategy to ensure that investment revenues exceed that of oil and gas by twenty thirty particularly as their reserves are looking to run out in the next hundred years however many fear this aggressive expansion of its economic presence abroad is in fact concent deliberate move. increase our political influence abroad in addition to possibly exporting its own particular conservative brand of islam as its investments are increasing year on year it is yet to be seen what power this tiny yet super wealthy emirates will wield in the future. international affairs or journalism neil clogger believes qatar is trying to shield the lack of democracy within its own borders by claiming to supported abroad. what guitar is doing is
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using its vast wealth actually to pursue a political agenda and this is the boring expect because in the middle east. played a leading role in trying to undermine and bring down regimes in the region. that claim to be a great supporter of the arab spring a lot of democracy in israel disconnected because qatar itself is only a democracy people criticise syria and say well you have the same ruling family for two years we have the same hooting family and guitar for a one hundred fifty years and what qatar is trying to pursue is a critical agenda which is put pushing a sort of form of islam around the region its own sort of agenda and this is the worrying thing because there's no democratic mandate for this and i think we see this quite clearly in syria where qatar has been one of the most prominent countries in offering support to the rebels and the islamist groups that. washington's trying to downplay a classified word to mistakenly publicize reports which states that north korea
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already has nuclear capable missiles but the report sanctioned by the pentagon brings into question the reliability of any such weapons north korea's missile forces have also been of service are to be increasingly active these posturing needs and are threatening a nuclear attack on tokyo in the event of war u.s. or south korean and japanese warships in turn have surrounded the north is and to retore all waters president obama had earlier personally called on pyongyang to end its belly caso team but r.t. contributor afshin rattansi says the reclusive state has good reason to beef up its security. john kerry the united states government. spreading all this fear now and we must remember that it was the united states who started doing stealth fighters in guam just destroying the six party talks and also just remember the context of the united states in the fifty's killed twenty percent of korea's population twenty first century has proven time and time again that nuclear weapons
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perhaps someone's only terror against united states and nato posturing nature warfare of course iraq afghanistan because libya and libya will hang in imaginations of many developing world leaders because it proved because it was good after he got rid of his nuclear weapon program people are going to want wm the united states is ramping up its military facilities in southeast asia and obviously foreseen that china will become a superpower and over time kim jong un has repeatedly said that he said one month ago we don't want war we want to talk you just think of it the other way around north korea was pretty neat was nuclear capable still planes just beside the united states where previously killed hundreds of united states population. we can see why the driver and north korea is afraid of united states. barbarism as it has been historically against that country. there's more coverage and analysis
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on what's happening in the region that are t. dot com now what did they what did you tell us what you think is driving the koreas tension let's take a look at all polls so far and what you've been saying they've now fifty percent of you almost half of you believe that this is all part of washington's strategy to keep age on its topos while nineteen percent of you believe that that's all you need to confidence a brinkmanship with high stakes in the high stakes game seventeen percent of you think that this is kim jong un's attempt to boost see his power base while only fourteen percent of you think that this is north korea's evidence to secure more aid now we want to know what you think and we want those numbers to change so cost your vote at r.t. dot com.
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in venezuela the campaigning has all fishy wrapped up with the mess rallies ahead of sunday's presidential election hundreds of thousands marched in the capital caracas same support of interim leader nicolas maduro while the opposition rallied in the north of the country but here as a political success it too late to lead a good time and who died from cancer on last month today on our t.v. we'll hear from american musician then prominent street activist in mosul take me who believes that keeping a bit of vesey legacy will be a toss. he's not god you know to me he's somebody who was in a position of power who decided to troll the united states infinitely and very well in fact you know and really made his case in front of. the rest of the world and
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said a lot of things that they probably thought but didn't want to ruin their relationship with their foster daddy here to be a champion and gain venezuela chooses you president chavez choice runs against a free market poster boy for possible that is where that use after commandante self-styled socialism or free market model venezuela votes fourteen. russia is celebrating cosmonaut exchange marking the first manned flight into orbit by your agog erin in one thousand nine hundred sixty one and fifty two years later the country still has a big space agenda from building a spaceport from scratch to reviving the moon program details from a legacy russia. this snow only looks like a pit dug in the middle of nowhere but in just two years time this will become one of russia's top priority facilities tucked away deep in the taiga forest in the
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russian far east this is the construction site of russia's brand new spaceport the us torch me an ambitious project worth ten billion dollars it will become the main and the sole launching pad of all russia's manned space ships starting from the year twenty eighteen but the first test launches are expected to start in just two years time and will replace in many ways the baikonur cosmodrome which certainly belongs to kazakhstan and the geographic location of the draw me is much more convenient than baikonur it's understood that when a space ships to take off some parts disconnect from the vessels and fall into the ground in this case they will not be falling into the ground or more likely be falling into the ocean of course there will be some disadvantages when the cosmodrome is finished is completed for instance the transportation off of rockets from the more school region to the far east will take twice as longer than it was
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to the baikonur in many ways even the construction even the idea of building this cosmodrome in the russian far east is already a major breakthrough for the russian space industry but probably the most crucial significance of this brand new cosmodrome is that it will take an integral part in russia's lunar program almost half a century since the soviet union lost its race to conquer the moon russia's real willing to relaunch the lunar program we understand that by the year twenty thirty a manned space ship will fly to the moon circle its orbit and possibly even choose a site for building an observatory on the lunar surface which may soon be followed by other facilities like helium five mining shafts and even possibly possibly hotels if the scientists find the lunar surface. and habitable by humans so definitely an interesting spin to that story but of course we have to wait until the year twenty thirty to see whether russia's lunar program can be successful but
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they would know for sure that the the space ships will be launched from here from the russian far east. well those who are at the forefront of today's a space missions have been getting some top level congratulations of from president vladimir putin while visiting them of us just mean cosmodrome and russians the far east the problem is that the new spaceport will make the job of the iowa says cruz . if you want to track russia's space history check out of the gallery on our website and pioneering momenta caught on camera. dot com. next as u.s. secretary of state john kerry waits to see if his the israel palestinian peace initiative bids fruit cross-talk debates whether it will yield anything.
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with oil pipes bursting in arkansas or people across the u.s. they start to realize that they are moving towards what the atlantic calls the infrastructure cliff in short america's infrastructure start to get a bit old and according to infrastructure port org the u.s. needs about three point six trillion dollars of infrastructure spending by twenty twenty to turn things around the site sponsored by the american society of civil engineers gave all aspects of american infrastructure like bridges and drinking water in schools several some pretty bad grades except for solid waste removal for some reason in their opinion everything in the usa is going to crap except for america's ability to throw solid crap i'm not trying to sit here and scare you there is nothing to fear this is a big challenge but it is a very possible one to accomplish according to cost of war dot org the last ten years of war of cost about three point one trillion dollars just cutting wars in
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half by fifty percent could put a huge dent in the infrastructure spending and what about all those billions in bailout. if that were spent you see the money is there it just gets wasted if the money stops getting thrown away and start getting spent are well planned infrastructure then the infrastructure will start paying for itself rocket infrastructure creates wealth so don't fear the infrastructure cliff just stop wasting money or allowed politicians to waste money and everything will turn out to be just fine that's just my opinion. download the official publication yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter with
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your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. alone welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle but john kerry expresses shuttling through the middle east in search of peace once again a u.s. administration claims to be a fair broker to resolve the israel palestine conflict after forty four years of occupation and colonization of palestinian land what can we expect if anything from the obama administration is it time to reckon with the reality on the ground that is the one state solution.

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